Cooking Gadgetry You Have To Have

Cooking Gadgetry You Have To Have For Your Kitchen And Favorite Recipe

I was a late bloomer in the kitchen. In college, my specialty was spinach fettuccini with mayonnaise and fake bacon bits. I kid you not.

As I started taking a more vested interest in the goings-on inside a kitchen, I learned you are only as proficient as your best tool. The most seasoned chef will agree that his personal knife set and the pots and pans he uses are some of the secret keys to his success.

Over the years as I have developed my cooking prowess, (long way to go, according to my mother) I have a few essential gadgets and tools I cannot possibly live without. I thought I would share them with you.



Spiralizer: This is one of those kitchen thingys that is constantly in my dishwasher. I would love to get some fancy expensive one. I just heard I can get an attachment to my Kitchen Aid for spiralizing purposes (how did I not know this) but frankly, this little guy does the trick, barring the odd scraped knuckle if you are not careful!


Herb Cutter: This is the one thing you really have no idea you can’t live without. I put this on my Christmas list one year because it looked cool and now it is my favorite. Whether it is parsley, basil, rosemary, or cilantro. Fresh herbs are ready in seconds!



Pairing Knife: I know this might seem obvious, but a good little knife is an absolute must for any cook. Some chef might roll his prima donna chef eyes at me recommending a knife that is not going to cost you a mortgage payment, but I recommend the Zyliss brands of knives. They are affordable, super sharp, and hello, cute colors!



Mini food processor: I received this little cutey for my wedding, and I was not cooking much at the time. It went in the high cupboard. You know, the one you need a stool to grab anything? Well, let’s just say it is now in the low cupboard. I use this for energy balls, stuffing, breading for my paleo chicken tenders and much more. It is so handy and way easier to use than a standard size processor.



Chopper: I still have my food chopper from when we got married. It is fifteen years old and has been used at least once a week since we got it. I love a “chop” salad with tiny bits of colorful veggies. But any salad is done in seconds if you use this guy to pulverize your salad veggies. I also use it for a quick chopped nut topping on my paleo muffins.



Scraper: This is another one that spends more time in the dishwasher than the drawer. The scraper is a must-have for pre-prep when you are cutting tons of veggies at once. I place my cutting board close to the edge of the sink and just use the scraper any time the odds and ends need to be shuttled into the sink. Cleans your surface in one fell swoop!


Mason Jars: Silly, I know, but I use them for EVERYTHING. Smoothie pre-prep to homemade salad dressings we have mason jars in every nook much to my husband’s dismay. I have never canned anything in my life but have a house full of Mason jars! 


Two big ticket cooking gadgetry items I seriously cannot live without.

Kitchen-Aid Mixer: First of all they are beautiful, and if something hasn’t changed dramatically since the sixties it must be awesome. This baby should be on every single person’s registry whether you think you are going to use it or not. You will, and you will love it. It has tons of attachments you can get now and fun colors you can choose to match your kitchen.

Vita-Mix Blender: When I first started thinking about a Vitamix I realized they were a little pricier than I wanted to pay. I looked on EBay and other resale sites to try and find one. Proverbial crickets.  Once you have a Vitamix you will NEVER let it out of your sight. I have a friend that carries hers on the plane WHEREVER she travels! This blender can blend absolutely anything, and it can also make, salsas, soups, dressing and so much more. It truly is worth every single penny.

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This week’s first steps are to clean out your gadget drawers and cupboards. Is there stuff you can get rid of to make room for things that will be bee more useful to you? Just like a good workout outfit makes you want to hit the gym, cute and functional kitchen gadgetry and all of a sudden you’re Julia Child.



If you like any of the ideas, I have put forth above please use the links to purchase. The price remains the same for you, but I get a little love from the companies, and that allows me to continue my blogging and writing efforts. Thank you for supporting me.

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I don’t make recommendations to my followers without great consideration. I know I have your trust, and I do not take that gift lightly. You need to know that sometimes like this time, for instance, a brand or affiliate group might offer me a free product or they may reimburse me for the time it takes to write and develop a post about their product. Know that I would never recommend a brand because of compensation and that the views expressed here are my own. I will tell you if something is crap whether they pay me or not.


15 Responses

  1. I have wanted a Vita-Mix for awhile, and I could use a Kitchen-aid Mixer as well! Whenever I go into a kitchen supply store, I am like a kid in a candy store!

  2. Yes! The spiralizer is one of those gadgets I never thought I would use, and now I use it constantly. That herb cutter would have come in super handy on the Whole30!! I’m saving up for a Kitchen-aid mixer. I did some demos for them, and I absolutely loved it. So many cool attachments!

  3. My KitchenAid is one of my favorites. My parents swear by the spiralizer I put in their Christmas stocking last year. It’s their new favorite with their crazy growing garden.

  4. I have almost all of these. I have actually been looking for a pairing knife. Have you tried others and the ones you have listed above are the best, or have you only tried the Zyliss brand (if you don’t mind me asking)?

    1. No, I have tried others and I love this one the best! 🙂 I would love to know what you think, Melissa!

  5. I have a paring knife but I don’t have (and have never had) anything else on this list although I can certainly see how it would make cooking easier. I think my next big gadget is going to be a new blender / smoothie maker. I need something awesome, like the Vitamix.

    1. There just is no comparison to the heavenly Vita Mix! I love that you know what your next purchase is!

  6. Great article, Heather! I share many of your must haves and the ones I don’t have will be appearing on this year’s Christmas list. As always, I appreciate your style.

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