Avocado Eggs Benedict: A Ten Minute “WOW”-Worthy Breakfast Recipe

Avocado Eggs Benedict - fast Gluten-free breakfast

Last week my husband and I spent five days in Chicago with some very dear friends. We hit the Architectural River Tour and The Frank Lloyd Wright House and Studio in Oak Park. One day we pounded 12 miles of Chicago city pavement to The Bean, through Millennium Park, and to Buckingham Fountain and then back to the West Loop. This city opens itself up to visitors in a wonderful way, and I know the four of us embraced the opportunity to see all it had to offer!



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In addition to our tourism adventures we also had another thing we wanted to make sure we fully explored. FOOD. We ate our way through the vacation with what appeared to be bottomless bellies.

Chicago restaurants worth mention

Bar Sienna: Pub style with a gourmet feel.  Set on a high traffic corner in the heart of the West Loop,This restaurant is always busy. Try the kale salad or the skirt steak. You must also their freshly prepared Bombolini donuts.

Riva: A traditional Chicago restaurant with 86-year-old waiters (shout out to Jaime!). The vodka martini with a lemon twist was delicious and paired beautifully with their variety of fresh oysters.

Autre Monde: An out of the way Meditaranian restaurant with a sweet, lantern-lit back patio. The chefs’ tasting menu is the only way to go. And the Octopus appetizer is a must.

The Little Goat: A sister restaurant to the Goat and the Girl. Same great quality but “hella” easier to get into. The “Goat-O Goat-O” salad was tremendous as was the Reuben. The portions are not American style so you can enjoy a “crane-less” exit from the booth post-meal.

Kinderhook Tap: Situated in Oak Park, this extremely fresh, locally-sourced pub fare had me stunned. I devoured a grass-fed burger (bunless) with pickled vegetables, and a delectable bartender-recommended rose wine.

We tried to acquire a seat at Au Chavel and The Girl And The Goat, but they just looked at us and laughed uproariously when we mentioned we had not made a reservation. No matter, there is a limitless number of mind-blowing Chicago restaurants to be enjoyed from neighborhood pubs to specialty fusion.

Our buddy, Chris, is one of the best intuitive cooks I have ever met. Two years ago he created a delectable cedar plank salmon recipe for WELLFITandFED that I know you would adore. Check it out. The last time I saw him he taught me a miraculous way to slay a red pepper. So, knowing we were going to spending some time together I “voluntold” Chris that Friday morning, during the trip, we were going to do an impromptu Facebook Live presentation. “A Chris Bothel breakfast offering” if you will. He was game.

He immediately knew what he was going to prepare.





On par with the professional food we tasted in the different neighborhoods of Chicago, Chris whipped together a ten-minute breakfast that was gorgeous. Chris talks about his inspiration for the dish. “The recipe comes from a great Bellingham breakfast hotspot, Over Easy. A new family-owned joint where the husband and wife circulate with hot coffee and conversation, making everyone feel at home.”

Good news! This recipe is naturally free of any gluten. Also, if you avoid dairy, you can use Ghee or leave the hollandaise portion out of the recipe altogether. However you choose to personalize this recipe, I guarantee, you will love it.

“PALEO-IZE” THIS RECIPE – Skip the hollandaise or if you allow GHEE in your paleo plan, use that for the hollandaise instead. 

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If you want to see the video version of this post here is the Facebook Live Broadcast.




This week I want you to think about food prep. Did you know having a group of ten “go-to” recipes for each meal of the day is the best way to stay consistent with your eating plan? So whatever your specific food plan is, consider keeping a specific recipe book containing recipes for ten breakfasts, ten lunches, and ten dinners. These whole-food quick and clean options will be perfectly suited to your needs.




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  1. Yum! Is that your kitchen? So beautiful! While I love me some carbs, I love the idea of subbing the avo for the english muffin, and I didn’t realize how easy the hollandaise sauce is to make.

    1. It is nice to leave them out once in awhile, right? This little kitchen is in an apartment my husband stays at when he works in Chicago. 🙂

  2. Yum! This sounds delicious! I’m always looking for new egg recipes, so this is a keeper. I also love Chicago. We live about 2 hours away, so we try to visit as often as we can.

  3. Eggs benedict is one of my favorite breakfast orders, but I usually avoid since they are so high in calories! But, I LOVE using an avocado instead of the english muffin! Genius!

  4. This looks so yummy! I am trying to be more creative in the mornings and not have the same things for breakfast over and over again. I will have to give this a try!

  5. I can’t help but keep coming back to this recipe–it looks so amazing!!! It’s on my next must-try for brunch list!

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