I like to make things unnecessarily complicated. I suspect that my “making stuff more complicated” is a combination of two things; not taking the time to assess the simplest path, mixed with the deep belief that if a pursuit takes more time and energy to complete, it is more valuable.

Maybe The Solution To Your Problem Is As Simple As A Seashell

The other day some friends of mine were at the beach with their two-year-old son, Bauer, a smiley, little squatty person with big, blue kryptonite eyes. While constructing a complicated sandcastle near the water, his mama suggested that they find some seashells to “adorn” their castle. Bauer was off like a jet, running forty feet down the beach on his mission. Sand was kicking up behind his tiny tennies when he stopped, looked down, picked up what must have been a shell, and screamed “I FOUNDDDDDDD ONEEEEEE!” Problem solved.

Here is the interesting thing about this particular beach. There are shells EVERYWHERE, including dozens around the immediate area where the castle was erected. Finding “adornment” was only a matter of perusing the immediate area, reaching over from his sand-castle-building-position, and grasping any iteration of a suitable seashell. But in his wisdom, he reacted and just assumed that the shell he had been dispatched to retrieve had to be several miles down the beach.

How often have we been faced with a problem, and reacted by running desperately in search of a solution? The answer couldn’t possibly in front of eyes – nothing is that easy….or is it? If we stop and take a moment we may find that the solution to “adorn” our issue might be much more elemental.

So, when you are face-to-face with the next complex issue in your life, consider the simplest solution. Maybe, it is the one that first comes to mind. The simple solution just may be the “seashell” needed for the “sandcastle” at hand.


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