Hello! I am Heather Denniston DC. CCWP.

  • I am a health explorer, researcher, and obsessor of all things health related.
  • I am a story teller.
  • I am purveyor of encouragement to those in pursuit of healthier living.
  • I am fallible, and sometimes grumpy.
  • I am the spreader of seeds that will take root in your mind and grow into inspiration
    for your own life journey.
  • I am quirky, absent minded and a goofball.
  • I am a human and I would like to stay that way for a long time.
  • Welcome to my lair.


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9 Next Level Salad Recipe Additions

9 Next Level Salad Recipe Additions

I hail from a long line of salad makers. My mother was experimenting with Caesar, Waldorf, and Greek long before the other mums were. She then upped her game and began making her own salad dressings, unheard of in the era of Ranch, Thousand Island, and French! 9 Next...

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Brene Brown Is In My Brain Trust

Brene Brown Is In My Brain Trust

Brene Brown is in my brain trust but let's go back. I have a panel of advisors that get me through the day. Folks I can count on to advise and gently turn my shoulders when directional assistance is needed. I have slowly and deliberately assembled this team,...