I was recently asked to write an article for FIX.com on the subject of “MACROS.” SO I spent a significant of time researching before I realized I might be researching the wrong subject. I was looking up the MACRO diet or the MACROBIOTIC diet and what my editor wanted was the “what’s what” on MACROS.

Ohhhhhh, right. Wait. What are MACROS? 

After much diving and digging, I am now super duper knowledgeable on the subject of MACROS to tell you all about them. “MACROS” is the study of how proteins, fats,  and carbohydrates can be combined in your diet to produce a certain outcome. Or more aptly stated, it is the study of percentages. How percentages of food chemistry affect your body and if manipulated, can they create change in your body composition? 

Body builders, cross-fitters, and fitness competitors have been using the knowledge of this chemistry balancing for years. These athletes have garnered the benefits of applying the MACROS diet both in pre-competition and the off-season.  But now, regular joe’s like you and me, are starting to pick up on the fact that MACROS could be effective for us too. 

The MACROS diet is not for the feint of heart. There is measuring and calculating galore, but luckily technology has made keeping to your MACROS simpler than ever. There are computer programs to determine what your MACROS balance should be and there is even a IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) calculator app! So once you get your head around all the measuring and weighing you can eat whatever you want as long as “IIFYM”. 

So let’s learn a little more by reading the article I penned for the FIX.com blog. If you are more of a visual creature, scroll to the infographic below. 

Want a free calculator? CLICK HERE

Read the article HERE (It is worth the click)

Source: Fix.com Blog

My Take: I am a big advocate of believing that the nutrition plan that is going to work for you is the one you will actually execute. So if MACROS meets your analytic mind and you don’t mind carrying a calculator along you will likely have excellent results. For me, it feels a little too time intensive and complicated. BUT, if I were getting ready for a fitness competition or I was a competitive athlete I would for sure give this plan a try. In the meantime prefer to stick to whole food nutrition consciously prepared and moderately consumed.