There Is No Cheating, Just Choices

We have all been there. That post-indulgence, sick, guilty, “beat yourself up” feeling after you have “cheated” on your diet. The sticky, unshakable sense of remorse and regret that clings to you the moment the food hits your stomach. That little voice inside of you... read more

Heat Or Ice Therapy? Now You’ll Know For Sure

How often are you presented with a spouse, athlete or little one, shoving a bruised, achy, banged up or stiff – “insert random unexplainable injury here” – and you are just not sure what to do? Should you throw a bag of peas on it? (No,... read more

Collagen Benefits That Are Not What You Think

Recently I penned a fun article on Collagen for Supplemental collagen is so hot right now you should at least familiarize yourself with the basics so you sound super smart at parties. This article, and it’s associated infographic, are a... read more

Failed Mind: Why Your Memory Can’t Be Trusted

Photo Credit to Thomas Keller, Spanglish, and MCMLXXX Failed Mind: Why Memory Can’t Be Trusted   I love the movie Spanglish. Have you seen it? Adam Sandler portrays a highly acclaimed chef, and Tea Leoni is smashing as his insanely neurotic wife. When my... read more

How To Eat Chocolate On Paleo – The Five Best Bars

What is it about the age of 45 that makes me seek out chocolate like a sniffer dog at an airport? Seriously, it is embarrassing. I used to shake my head at those women who couldn’t “live” without chocolate. Trust me, I can “live” without... read more

How To Make Dozens Of Salad Dressings: Seven Simple Steps

Homemade salad dressings seem all mysterious and password protected, but they are not! They are simple, ridiculously simple. So simple you will blush for not having thought to make them years ago. Store bought dressings, although marginally improved over the last... read more

About Dr. Heather

Heather is a seasoned chiropractor with specializations in pediatrics, pregnancy and a certification in wellness chiropractic (CCWP). She is an avid athlete, health enthusiast and writer who has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to take first steps toward realizing their greatness within. Through online content, public speaking and coaching, Heather shares wellness, fitness, and nutrition expertise for those looking for deeper change.


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The purpose of this blog is to provide a source of information for those trying to reach a level of life expression that exceeds their current experience. Those who find themselves reading my words may already be in constant pursuit of sucking the marrow out of life and just want more marrow. Alternatively, my reader may be a person who was hit with the reality that there is more…a lot more and it is a better, greater experience if you are charging toward it with a healthier brain and body. There will be anecdotes, there will be research, there will be lists of things to apply, but mostly I just hope to connect with others who share a mission of embodying our greatest self and full life revelation.

The Shake-Maker Part 1

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